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1/4 & 3/8 NPTF Pilot Operated Check Valves with Flow Controls Fast Advance and Slow Retract - Avoid Crash Landings

Patents Pending

Basic Operation:

Hold position when a pressure drop or total loss of pressure occurs. Flow control meters air from the output to the input port. Manual release to exhaust trapped air before maintaining the system (OSHA Requirement).

  • Lower Loads Slowly
  • Optional Manual Release
  • .0000522 cc/min Leak Rate

Operating Data:

Max Pressure:
150 psi
Min. Pilot Pressure:
40 psi
25 psi (see table)
Temp. Range:
30 - 150 F
Cycle Rate:
1 cyc./sec. max.
Flow Capacity (Cv):
2.6 max.
Cracking Pressure:
1-2 psi
Properly filtered dry air or lubricated air.

Model No. 1/4 NPTF 3/8 NPTF
No Manual Release B4100FL B6100FL
Manual Release B410MFL B610MFL
Flush Manual Release B41FMFL B61FMFL
For a lower pilot pressure add (-K18) to the model # (ex. B610MFL-K18).
No. of Turns Equivalent Dia (in.)
.25 .15
.50 .21
.75 .26
1.0 .30
1.25 .34
1.50 .37
1.75 .40

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