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Frequently Asked Question's

Over the last few years we have helped thousands of customers build better systems. We have answered a number of questions more than once and we want to make these available to everyone.

Does NGT ship overseas?

NGT currently does not handle international shipments (except Canada). You will have to call one of our distributors or locate a company that will handle international shipping.

Who is our current carrier?

NGT only ships UPS, unless the order is too large for UPS.

Will NGT drop ship to your customer?

NGT will drop ship to your customer. Unless that customer is in another distributors territory.

Is there a minimum?

There is no minimum order. Since we are a specialty valve company, we expect smaller orders.

Will NGT design specialty valves for a customer?

NGT will design a specialty valve for your customer, if the yearly quantity makes it economical.

What valve models are currently in stock?

We stock most of the valves shown in the catalog and on the website. There are many customers that require a quick solution to a problem. We don’t think you should have to wait 6-8 weeks for a solution?

Where are NGT valves manufactured?

NGT valves are made in the USA. We support local manufacturing.