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Coils, Connectors & Kits

24 vdc coils, coil connectors and valve rebuild kits.

Replacement Kits for A, B & D Series Valves

Model No.
First 3 Characters of Model Number: Standard High Temp Low Temp
A2M, A4M, A6M, A4TM BC100 - -
B2M, B4M, B6M, BG6 BC400 BC400V BC400T40
B41, B61, B81, B12 BC510 BC510V -
D6C, D8C - (2 Required) BC400 BC400V BC400T40

DISCONTINUED: Coils & Connectors:

(If your in need of these products please contact NGT Valves)

  • A4M13

    Coil for 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/4 Tube Model Valves

  • A4M16, A4M17

    Connector for 9.4 mm Pin Spacing