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Dual Locking Valve w/ Manual Release - For Numatics 2012 Series Valves

Patents Pending

Basic Operation:

In the event of a pressure loss air pressure is locked in both the output ports (2 and 4). Eliminates drift due to leaky spools. The manual release allows the release of trapped air from both ports independently (OSHA requirement).

  • Dual Manual Release
  • .000113 cc/min. Leak Rate
  • Direct Mount to 2012 Base
  • Locks in 2 Directions
  • Compact Design
  • No Extra Plumbing
  • Quick Assembly (5 min)

Operating Data:

Min / Max Pressure:
30 - 150 psi
Leak Rate:
.000113 cubic cc/min
Temp. Range:
20 - 150 F
Cycle Rate:
1 cyc./sec. max.
Flow Capacity (Cv):
Cracking Pressure:
2-3 psi
Properly filtered dry air or lubricated air.
3-position 4-way open center

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