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Pneumatic Counterbalance

The counter balance valve will hold a load in position until pressure or an external force is applied to move the load. Turning the adjusting screw clockwise will increase the load carrying capacity of the valve.

Holding position, prevent runaway loads, pneumatic resistor.

Our valve options with with lower pilot pressure (-K18), high temp seals (-V), and low temp seals (-T40) are searchable as well as any product number.

Product Type Size Flow Available Features
11132 B4MC00, B4MC0M, B4MCFM, B6MC00, B6MC0M, B6MCFM, BG4MC00, BG4MC0M, BG4MCFM, BG6MC00, BG6MC0M, BG6MCFM B4MCOO, B4MCOM, B6MCOO, B6MCOM, BG4MCOO, BG4MCOM, BG6MCOO, BG6MCOM Pneumatic Counterbalance 1/4, 3/8 nptf & 1/4, 3/8 bspp 2.6 basic models
11133 B4SC00-25, B4SC0M-25, B4SCFM-25, B4SC00-38, B4SC0M-38, B4SCFM-38, B4SC00-50, B4SC0M-50, B4SCFM-50, B6SC00-25, B6SC0M-25, B6SCFM-25, B6SC00-38, B6SC0M-38, B6SCFM-38, B6SC00-50, B6SC0M-50, B6SCFM-50 B4SCOO-25, B4SCOM-25, B4SCOO-38, B4SCOM-38, B4SCOO-50, B4SCOM-50, B6SCOO-25, B6SCOM-25, B6SCOO-38, B6SCOM-38, B6SCOO-50, B6SCOM-50 Pneumatic Counterbalance 1/4 & 3/8 nptf 2.6 swivel mount
11134 B41C00, B41C0M, B41CFM, B61C00, B61C0M, B61CFM, B41COO, B41COM, B61COO, B61COMPneumatic Counterbalance 1/4 & 3/8 nptf 2.6 ports on one side
11135 B81C00, B81C0M, B81CFM, B121C00, B121C0M, B121CFM, B81COO, B81COM, B121COO, B121COMPneumatic Counterbalance 1/2 & 3/4 nptf 3.8 basic model
Product Type Size Flow Available Options