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Normally Open Valves

Normally open valve that closes when pressure is applied to the pilot port. To open the valve, release the pilot pressure. Internal check allows free flow from input to output.

Leak testing, Quick lock, Specialty jobs for direct mounting.

Our valve options with with lower pilot pressure (-K18), high temp seals (-V), and low temp seals (-T40) are searchable as well as any product number.

Product Type Size Flow Available Features
11137 B2M00N0, B4M00N0, B6M00N0, B2MOONO, B4MOONO, B6MOONONormal Open 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 nptf 2.6 basic model
11138 B4MD0N0GM, B4MDONOGMNormal Open 1/4 nptf 2.6 direct mount
Product Type Size Flow Available Options